The Mysterious World of Legalities

Yo, listen up, I got a lot to say
Bout legal stuff that might come your way
Need a lodger agreement for your home sweet home?
Rocket Lawyer’s got you, no need to roam
But before you go, you need to know
How to get an LLC operating agreement to make your business grow

Now let me tell you about a different scene
Is it legal to drink in public in England?
The answer’s right here, just click on the link
To find out the rules and regulations in a blink
And if you’re in the UK, you might wonder too
What is a statement of truth and what does it do?

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Wondering if it’s something that you should quiz?
Check out this link for industry insight
Are bookkeeping businesses profitable? Yeah, they just might

Forms and documents, oh what a chore
But with GEHA forms and documents, you’ll be asking for more
And if you’re in Arizona, gotta know the deal
Are OTF knives legal? It’s a big deal

Got dreams of Danish citizenship?
Hear the requirements, don’t skip a tip
Click on this link for all the info
Requirements for Danish citizenship, now let your dreams go

And last but not least, for all the Airbnb fans
Is Airbnb legal in NYC? Gotta know the plans
Oh, and don’t forget your writing pads too
American yellow legal pads, for all that you do